Tendertips Packhouse
747 State Highway 1, Levin
New Zealand
Ph: (+64) 06 368 3957

About Us

Where to Buy

Our asparagus is available at New World, Pak n’ Save, Four Square, Countdown, Moore Wilsons and other independents.  In addition to our domestic supply – we export asparagus to Japan.

We also sell our asparagus at our Packhouse shop – where customers can buy the freshest asparagus possible.

Our Packhouse Shop is now open every day, selling our fresh Lewis Farms strawberries, ice cream and other local goodies. Check out our Facebook page for further details. 

Our Crop

We have a number of blocks growing several varieties of asparagus, located within 20 km of the Packhouse in the Himatangi, Foxton and Levin areas. The geographical spread of crops provides some protection against isolated climatic events.

  • The Himatangi crop is the oldest bed of asparagus supplying Tendertips. The block has had several plantings over the last 17 years. There are three varieties planted including Jersey Giant, JWC1 and Pacific 2000.
  • The Foxton crop is currently our largest bed, that came into production in 2014. It has Jersey Giant, and Pacific 2000 varieties planted.
  • The Levin crops also grow Pacific 2000, Pacific Challenger and Pacific Purple varieties and are relatively young asparagus beds.

Our Packhouse

Once our asparagus is harvested it is washed, trimmed and graded in our Packhouse. It is then stored in our chillers before being transported for sale. When the Packhouse is in full operation there are approximately 60 staff members at work.

In conjunction with Crop and Food we have developed a chemical free disinfestation process, where the export asparagus is immersed in warm-water for a specific length of time. This is the only process of its’ kind in the world and enhances the shelf-life and colour of the asparagus, as well as killing any insects-without the use of chemicals.